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Kacey Welch Method With Hand Tied Wefts

This post is a long time coming, but I have been extremely busy. I was fortunate enough to train with the Uber talented Kacey Welch on her extension method last year. She does Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and Kristin Cavillari’s hair extensions and she has a very unique way that doesn’t compromise the integrity of your hair.

Her extension method is similar to other hand tied weft methods with the beads and the wefts sewn in however, the Kacey Welch Method beads are much closer together. This eliminates balding at the bead points and pulling on the first bead is eliminated because the closer beads form a stonger foundation. Also, the hair is strung between the beads instead of using the string and this creates a stronger foundation.

This method is great for fine hair or anyone trying to grow their hair out. For this method, you only need to use 10% of your natural hair unlike other hair extension methods. So there’s no need to have hair extensions all over your whole head.

If you’re interested in hair extensions, contact us 561-880-7304 or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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