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We have many first time guests come into our salon with damaged hair.  We like to have our guests start using all three products two weeks PRIOR to their hair color appointment.  We suggest using these prior so that we can guarantee beautiful color results because if your hair isn't healthy you will not get the maximum results from your color service.  
The Oway Rebuilding Hair Bath, the Oway Rebuilding Hair Mask and Oway Phytoprotein Mist should all be used together.  We recommend using the mask as a regular conditioner or as a hair mask and we recommend spraying the Oway Phytoprotein Mist once you get out of the shower, comb through your hair and leave it in.  These products will not make your hair soft but what you will notice is that your hair will start becoming less frizzy and your natural shine will come back and these products will start rebuilding your hair at about the 2 week mark. 
Fine Hair
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Fine hair can be really tricky. You can't have a product with too much weight.  These products strengthen fine and limp hair at the root with all natural volumizers. We recommend Oway Volumizing Hair Bath for your shampoo and either Oway Volumizing Root Spray or Oway Flux Potion for your styling aid.  The Oway Volumizing Root Spray would be for really fine hair and Oway Flux Potion would be for fine hair but a lot of it. Both of these products would be applied in wet hair.
Oily Scalp
Do you have an oily scalp? An oily scalp can occur naturally, by hormones, with medication use or from you touching your hair too much. If you have an oily scalp accompanied by an itchy scalp and/or flakes, we recommend Oway Purifying Hair Bath Oily Scalp. This hair bath contains natural antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients to cleanse the scalp.  If you have an oily scalp with no itching or flakes, we recommend Oway Sebum Balance Hair Bath. The product normalizes an oily scalp by sanitizing the scalp naturally.  We recommend you start using the recommended hair bath to your regular washing schedule and week by week prolong your washing days.  This will eventually help to increase the amount of days between appointments. This takes awhile to work but the less you wash your hair, the less oily is should end up.
Dry Scalp With Dandruff
Oway Purifying Hair Bath For Dry Scalps is great if you are experiencing a dry, itchy scalp with flakes.  This shampoo will safely balance your scalp with natural ingredients and will eliminate those embarrassing flakes.
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Color Treated Hair
If you have healthy, color treated hair these products are for you. Oway Color Protection Hair Bath, Oway Color Protection Hair Mask and Oway Color Protection Veil prolong hair health, radiance and helps protect against uv fading and damage.  Oway Color Protection Veil is a treatment that helps keep your color bright and protects against uv damage. Spray this in wet hair, comb and leave it in.
Hair Loss
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We have many clients coming in with hair loss issues.  Hair loss is a very common occurrence that can happen at
any stage in life. The common causes of hair loss include: stress, pregnancy, hormone issues, medications, heredity,  hair extensions installed incorrectly and thyroid issues.  We recommend all guests experiencing hair loss to use Oway Mircostimulating Hair Bath, Oway Densifying Remedy (females) and Oway Nocturnal Hair Remedy (males).  We like these products for hair growth because they are natural product that uses plant stem cells to grow the hair.  Most salon hair products for hair growth use steroid based products and these products will work as long as you use them. Once you stop, your hair will fall out again.  Since these are plant based products, you will not loose your hair once you stop using them.  
Oway Mircostimulating Hair Bath would be your shampoo and you would use the nightly treatments based on your gender, Oway Densifying Remedy (females) and Oway Nocturnal Hair Remedy (males). You spray the nightly treatments on your root, massage and leave in.  Expect to start seeing new hair growth or stubble in 30 days.  This product works amazing for hair growth.
No Issues- Everyday Use
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If you have no hair or scalp issues, we recommend Oway Frequent Use Hair Bath and Oway Frequent Use Conditioner.  This shampoo suds up the most of all Oway hair baths and has a wonderful citrus smell.  The Oway Frequent Use Conditioner is a lightweight, everyday conditioner.
Anti-Frizz- Hair Extensions
If you have frizzy hair or you wear hair extensions, we recommend Oway Silk n Glow Hair Bath, Oway Silk n Glow Hair Mask and Silk n Glow Serum.  These products provide hydration, shine and and fights frizz from humidity.  We recommend using Oway Silk n Glow Hair Mask as a regular conditioner and also use once a week for a hair mask.  The Oway Silk n Glow Serum only applythe mask from the middle of the hair down on wet or dry hair.
Dry Hair
If you are experiencing dry hair, the Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath and Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask are for you!  These products provide hydration, prevents split ends from forming and leaves the hair silky, soft and shiny.
 Eczema and Psoriasis
If you have a sensitive scalp, eczema or psoriasis, These products are for you.  Oway Soothing Hair Bath would be used as your shampoo and Oway Soothing Remedy is a spot treatment that would be applied to your areas of discomfort.  
Frizzy, Unruly Hair 
If you have frizzy hair that needs untangled and you are desiring a smooth look, these products are for you. We recommend Oway Smoothing Hair Bath and Oway Smoothing Conditioner for shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Oway Smoothing Fluid for fine hair and you  would put it in your hair wet or dry after using heat. If you have thick hair, we recommend Oway Smoothing Cream and you would apply this to clean, damp or dry hair before a heating tool is used.
Curly Hair
If you have naturally curly or permed hair and want to wear it curly, Oway Curly Hair line is for you.  We recommend Oway Curly Hair Bath and Oway Curly Hair Mask as your shampoo and conditioner.  These products will moisturize and condition your hair without weighing it down. For a styling aid, we recommend Oway Curly Potion.  This product will shape, model and moisturize curls. It creates perfect separation and definition.
Sun Exposure
The Oway After-Sun line removes impurities like salt, sand and chlorine safely and naturally.  For the shampoo, we recommend Oway After-Sun Hair And Body Bath.  This product is gentle enough to use on your hair and body.  It can be used as a clarifying shampoo. Oway After-Sun Hair Mask restores hair exposed to uv damage and chlorine using natural ingredients.  The Oway Sun Protective Elixir is a great treatment to apply BEFORE being exposed to the sun.  It is sun protective oil that shields the hair from the damaging effects of the sun, keeping it from fading and dryness and has uv protection for your hair.
Lightweight Conditioner
Are you looking for a light weight conditioner that won't weigh your hair down? Oway No Rinse Moist Conditioner is for you.  It will softens and untangle hair, leaving the it incredibly shiny and hydrated.  Great for fine hair. Spray and leave in.
Brassy Hair
Is your hair looking brassy?  We recommend Original and Mineral Conquer Blond Hair Mask.  We always recommend a conditioner over a shampoo when treating brassy hair because a conditioner is more moisturizing whereas a shampoo can dry the hair out.  How recommend using this is to start out by leaving it on 3-5 minutes the first time and you can increase that time up to 10 minutes. Use weekly, not recommended for hair extensions. 
Heat Protection
Before you apply heat to your hair, a heat protector should be used.  We recommend Oway Thermal Stress Protector.  The product works as a heat protector, provides uv protection and a light hairspray.  You can use this on wet or dry hair. If you use this on wet hair, you won't get the hold of the hairspray.
If you are wanting a soft, natural beach wave, Oway Sea Salt Spray is for you.  This product protects against UV damage and environmental stress and creates messy, beach-like texture without over drying. Just spray in damp hair until the desired look is achieved.
Textured Hair
One of the secrets to our beach wave styles is O&M Desert Dry Texture.  Not only will this give you the I've been at the beach all day looks but it will also give you volume. We do a good spray middle of the hair to ends and then lift up the roots and spray on hair that's been styled. We use this as a dry shampoo too.
Repairing Hair
Olaplex #3 is a must for anyone wanting to repair their hair.  It is an at-home treatment, not a conditioner, that reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair. It will restore your hair's healthy appearance and texture by repairing damage and protecting hair structure. It will improve your hair's overall look and feel. It repairs bonds damaged in the cuticle and we find it works best with Oway Phytoprotein.  Recommended usage is apply to wet hair and we recommend leaving it on overnight once a week.
Olaplex #6 has the Olaplex treatment in it but it is a leave in blow out cream. This is excellent for medium to thick textured hair that wants a smooth look with a built in treatment.  Apply to clean hair and blow dry.
Leave In Treatment
In Common Magic Myst is a weightless, universal elixir that is designed for all hair types and textures. Formulated to enhance, strengthen and transform hair at first use, Magic Myst reinforces, strengthens and seals the cuticle to dramatically repair damage while detangling and protecting against daily heat styling. We highly recommend this for hair extensions to help detangle while wet.
Brassy Hair
You know we love a good purple conditioner, right?  We always will prefer a purple conditioner over a purple shampoo any day.  Purple conditioners are less drying than a shampoo.  That's why we recommend Eleven Australia Keep My Colour Treatment Blonde.  Not only will it kill the brass but you will get a condtioning treatment as well.  Start out using this once a week for 3 minutes and increase your time over the future weeks up to 10 minutes.
Clarifying Hair & Scalp
If your hair feels like it has build up on it or if your water isn't the best, we recommend Eleven Australia Deep Clean Shampoo to get rid of everything bad on your hair.  We recommend using this once a week and follow up with a great moisturizing conditioner.
Filtered Shower Head
Raindrops Luxe With Rainfall Shower Head shower filter system is your hair, skin, and health's best friend. Custom formulated 6 step filtration process combats hard water and removes up to 99% of the minerals, heavy metals, and chlorine in your shower water.

Water soluble minerals, heavy metals, and chlorine cause damage to your hair and skin in a variety of ways: Untreated shower water can cause dryness, change in texture, change in hair color, and even hair loss!

Raindrops filters will eliminate and control these harmful organic and inorganic materials in your shower

  1. Chlorine - Causes dryness and prevents rehydration.

  2. Bacterial and Algae - Causes diseases, allergies, and smells

  3. Iron - Causes dark/orange/red tint, texture change, and dryness

  4. Copper - Causes buildup, discolors hair, and affect perms

  5. Magnesium - Causes dryness and weightiness

  6. Lead - Causes dryness and interferes with color and perms

  7. Calcium - Causes build up on hair and scalp, blocks follicles and cause hair loss

 The Luxe shower head water filter bundle comes with a high-efficiency water saving 1.8GPM rain style shower head, one filter housing, and one Replenishment cartridge.


Please replace filter cartridge according to recommended intervals. Failure to replace old cartridge could damage filter housing due to pressure buildup.

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